The Mine can be found by going down the long stairs east of the Lodge. Within the Mine the time stands still like other indoor locations.

Mine walls Edit

Mining is done with the Hammer and for each wall you break there's a chance of a resource dropping. The further down you go the more valuable resources can drop.

Mine cleave is a perk that enhances your mining ability by adding a chance of breaking adjacent walls when you mine.

Perk Requires Description
Mine cleave Mining 3 You break mine walls so brutally that nearby walls can't stand it. Every time you break a mine wall, there's a 20% chance an adjacent wall (not

diagonally) will break too.

Stamina & Health Edit

Herbs can be randomly found at random floors and they are a great way to keep up your stamina- and health bar.

Image Edible Stamina Health
Green herb mine-0
Green herb 10 -
Black herb mine
Black herb - 10

Floors & Stairs Edit

Mine ladder up

Mine ladder with the reddish tiles surrounding it.

Depth of the place is 40 floors deep with the Mole King as a boss at the bottom.

Floor Point of Interest
10 Treasure chest with Miner Helmet
20 Red ladder to the surface
30 Treasure chest with Shadow plum
40 Mole King

Each floor are randomized arranged every time you move up or down.

Mine hint

Faint Sparkles indicating ladder in the walls.

On each floor you can find a ladder up and a stair down standing in the middle of a square of reddish tiles. Each ladder releases a faint glittering light which makes them easier to locate.

Stone sense is a perk that enhances your ability to locate the other stair by adding a glittering area to show the approximate location.

Perk Requires Description
Stone sense Mining 5 All these hours spent underground have given you mole-like qualities.

You can sense the approximate location of a mine's ladder to the next level.

Enemies Edit

Image Enemy Floor
Worm 1+
Green slime 1+
Fly 1+
Spider 9+?
Bat 9+?
Purple slime 17+?
Automaton 25+
Maneater 33+?
Wheelomaton 38+?
Mole King 40

Tips Edit

Mining Strategy by The Scarlet Ducky

Dev confirmation that the ambient Green Mushrooms in Mines are indicative of the Down ladder nearby

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