Event One

Gleaner Heights- Lee beating his wife

Gleaner Heights- Lee beating his wife

  • Spring 10 - 23:00 - Lee and Matilda's House

When walking close to the couple's house at night, the Player will look into their bedroom window.

Event One
Lee I will go wherever the hell I want! The next
time you buy shoes, remember with whose
money you're doing that!
Matilda Lee, please...I am looking for a job! Please
don't talk to me like that!
Lee You don't get to criticize what I'm doin' when
I walk out of this damn door!
Matilda Lee, you are selling drugs! I know! Please
stop it! You are ruining us!
Lee You ungrateful bitch. What should I be doing
to provide, eh? Sleep with Thorne? Maybe
you should be doing that!
Matilda You pig! I don't recognise you any more!
Lee Let me help you!
Matilda Let go of me! Please no!
Lee Now come here...

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