Drunk Alice

Alice Oh *hic* hi!
Alice I...I I I am goinnnng home now.
Alice I have to pee. I...shit. No more wine.
Alice Who drank all the wine *hic*. Goodbye grandma!

Michael ...Where did you find this?
Tell him about Alice.
20px ...I see. So she started drinking again. She promised she'd be clean.
20px Can we please talk? At your place?
20px We went through some pretty rough times with Alice's drinking problem. We tried.
20px I. I tried. A lot. So much patience. And for what?
20px I'll have to...make arrangements. I'll talk to her tonight. Things will change.
20px Thanks for telling me, %playername. Time to clear things up.
20px For some reason, I feel...more liberated than angry or anything. Thanks again.
Don't Tell
20px Oh. For a moment I thought it was about...nevermind.

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