Michael is a character in Gleaner Heights.

He is married to Alice and they live together between the Church and Lee and Matilda's home, and just south of Clarence and Martha's home.

If you choose to tell Michael about Alice after giving him the Empty Wine Bottle, He will move into the Mountain Lodge.


Michael has a goatee, greyish-brown hair, and bright blue eyes. He wears a brown vest with a white shirt underneath, grey pants, and brown boots.




Drunk AliceEdit

Alice Oh *hic* hi!
Alice I...I I I am goinnnng home now.
Alice I have to pee. I...shit. No more wine.
Alice Who drank all the wine *hic*. Goodbye grandma!

Michael ...Where did you find this?
Tell him about Alice.
20px ...I see. So she started drinking again. She promised she'd be clean.
20px Can we please talk? At your place?
20px We went through some pretty rough times with Alice's drinking problem. We tried.
20px I. I tried. A lot. So much patience. And for what?
20px I'll have to...make arrangements. I'll talk to her tonight. Things will change.
20px Thanks for telling me, %playername. Time to clear things up.
20px For some reason, I feel...more liberated than angry or anything. Thanks again.
Don't Tell
20px Oh. For a moment I thought it was about...nevermind.



Love Rhubarb Scones, Tortilla, Watermelon, Watermelon Jam, Watermelon Juice, Watermelon Milkshake
Like Rhubarb, Pineapple, Meat, Silver, French Fries
Neutral Mushroom, Old Boot, Hop, Honey, Egg (S), Egg (M)
Hate Lettuce, Milk, Fat, Wine, Beer, Fish Bone



Wed 6:30-3:00 Home


Michael Oh. Hey. I'm Michael. Nice to meet you. You sure have lots of things to do but chatting every now and then won't hurt.
Michael Good luck with the farm! You'll need it!
Michael Hi Player! Good to see you!
Michael Hi Player! How are you today?
Michael Hello there Player! Active as always, I see!
Michael Hi Player! Another busy day, right?
Michael Gleaner Heights is so beautiful in's almost magical.
Michael I wonder how Jason can stand working outside under the summer sun. It must be very exhausting.
Michael The crunchy sound of stepping on fallen leaves sometimes reminds me of stepping on insects...Yuck!
Michael It's no use complaining about the weather. It is what it is, and no amount of moaning will change it.
Michael No! just no!
Michael Is this for me? You are kind.
Michael Hey I like these a lot! Thanks!
Michael This is one of my favorites! My goodness! Thank you!
Michael Jason and Valentina are working hard. One at the farm, the other in the house, looking after the kids...Sounds more than a handful to me.
Michael But at least they have kids. Apparently others are not brave enough to make such a decision...
Michael Never mind what I said. It belongs to the past anyway.
Michael Player! Came to eat?
Michael Kain is a fine craftsman. I like watching him work.
Michael Coming here helps me clear my head. Work as a programmer is hard. Sure enough, I can do it from home...
Michael ...but staring at all those lines of code scrolling by makes my brain noisier than the waterfall!
Michael Hey. Are you visiting the Rivings, too?
Michael The Mayor's birthday is on Summer 18, you know.
Michael Have you heard of neurotic networks? It's a new and revolutionary method in computer science to create programs that can learn new things!
Michael A neurotic network iterates through the same scenarios again and again until its anxiety threshold reaches a point...
Michael ...then it fires off a signal towards another node of neurotic matrices! It's unbelievable!
Michael I've never seen Gabriel use his police car. Have you seen him?
Michael No? Hmmm...something is weird here.
Michael I really love watermelons! And anything made from a watermelon! Jam, juice, milkshake, you name it!
Michael This is plain awful. How could he?...
Michael What the Mayor did to himself was very cruel. When you see no other way out of some things, you can get really desperate.
Michael I knew Denny since he was a toddler. How atrocious!
Michael Nice stone. And what a weird glow.
Michael Alice...why...
Michael I'm sorry Player, it's just...we shared a life together. It's hard to let go.
Michael Good morning and happy birthday! Good friends deserve presents, so here's one!
Michael Be seeing you around!
Michael Hi. It's good to be in your company, you know.
Michael Hey...I've been thinking about you lately...
Michael Woah, that's...a bit out of place, don't you think?
Michael I want to. I really do! But your house isn't big enough for the both of us!
Michael ...Yes. Yes, I do! I want to start a new life and I want you to be by my side! We should arrange the marriage for next Sunday!
Michael Player, I am worried about Alice. I don't know how to say this, but...
Michael Alice had a drinking problem. She just wouldn't quit. We went through hell until she finally did.
Michael But now I suspect that she has secretly started drinking again. If that's true, I don't know how to handle it.
Michael Maybe I'm paranoid. But I see the little things of the past. The nerves. The occasional stuttering. Those little details.
Michael I love Alice, but I won't stand another ordeal because of her habits.
Michael Hey Player, Ken dropped the other day and left me this mineral. He gets too enthusiastic sometimes, giving things from the mine as presents.
Michael The thing is, I have nowhere to put it, and it looks a bit out of place in my house. So why don't you have it? I'm sure you'll put it to good use!
Michael Do you cook? If so, let me share something that I make from time to time. It's quite delicious...





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