Mei Ling is a character in Gleaner Heights.

She works at the General Store with her father Jun Ling. The store is East of the Town Square.


Mei has long black hair and wears a light yellow shirt with forest green pants and red shoes.




Differing OpinionsEdit

  • Date: Y1 Spring 29, MON / Fall 1
  • Time: 10:35 (10:00 - 1300)
  • Location: General Store
  • Mei's Heart Color: Dark Blue

As the Player enters the General Store, you encounter Mei and Jun in the middle of a heated discussion...

Mei and her father appear to be in disagreement regarding what the color of the counter should be. Mei wants to go with the color red, while Jun wants to go with the color blue. When they finally take notice of the player, they will turn to you and ask you what you think.

If the player chooses blue, Jun will be happy, but Mei will be annoyed.

If the player chooses red, Mei will be happy, but Jun will be annoyed.

If the player chooses black, they both agree that their taste is awful and will flip a coin to decide instead.

Spoiler warning: The following may reveal important plot details. Read at your own risk!
Differing Opinions
Jun ...And I've told you that red is tiresome for
the eyes! People will feel dizzy just by looking
at it!
Mei Father! People don't come here to stare at
the counter! The interior has red colors and
a red counter will blend in just fine!
Mei It's blue that doesn't fit anywhere!
Jun Blue is a color of calmness! A color of peace!
Jun Of faith!
Jun Of wisdom!
Jun Of confidence!
Jun And soon it will be the color of our counter,
and that's the end of it!
Mei Have you even read that magazine for
interior decoration I gave you last month? I
bet you used it as a doorstop!
Jun It made a most excellent doorstop, and for
that I am most grateful, my daughter.
Jun But you should really leave the tougher
decisions to your father, who is more
experienced with shop decoration.
Mei [Name]! You are here at the right moment!
Jun Yes! Let's hear a third opinion on the
Mei If you were to paint the shop's counter,
what color would you choose?

Option 1: Blue
20px -Negative Effect for Mei? +Positive Effect for Jun?
20px Unknown Dialogue

Option 2: Red
20px +Affection Boost with Mei (Positive Reaction) -Affection Drop with Jun?
Mei Yes! I knew it! See father? You may be a
hard worker, but you have to be up to speed
with modern decoration standards!
Jun Oh! That's preposterous! Ms. [Name] clearly
has a faulty taste!
Mei Trust me baba. It's the better choice.
Jun *groan* alright.

Option 3: Black
20px No Effect?
20px Unknown Dialogue



Love Emerald, Damascene
Like Copper, Mushroom, Butter
Neutral Corn, Fire Opal, Gold, Iron, Lithium, Malachite, Nightflower, Quartz, Ruby, Salmon, Saltpetre, Silicon Silver, Sulfur, Zircon
Hate Boar Hide, Pea, Artichoke, Squash, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Beer, Fish Bone, Old Boot




6:00-11:00 Store/Home

18:00- 20:00 Near Waterfall



Mei Hello! You are Mr. Player, right? I am Mei Ling. I help my father run the general store. Anything you need for your farm, drop by!
Mei Hello! You are Ms. Player, right? I am Mei Ling. I help my father run the general store. Anything you need for your farm, drop by!
Mei We are open every day except Sunday, from 8am to 4pm!


Mei I like what I do. It's a lot of walking, delivering goods to others, but I have gotten used to it.
Mei Oh, hello Player! How's business?
Mei This is a good place to live. I hear some people complaining about the dull everyday life in a small town. I can see their point. They were born here.
Mei When you've lived somewhere all your life, you take many things for granted, and fail to see the beauty that's been lying in front of you all that time.
Mei Father says it's dangerous inside the mines, and the deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets!
Mei Spring is a gentle season. This is why I like it. There are no heatwaves or fog or storms, only rain!
Mei Hi Player! Enjoy Summertime while it lasts!
Mei Hi Player! You surely look busy!
Mei You surely move around a lot. You would be great at delivering things, heh heh!


Mei Aaah! I hate this! Why did you show this to me?!
Mei Thank you, Player.
Mei Ah, I like this! You have my gratitude.
Mei This is a favorite of mine, you know. You are a really kind person.


Mei Well, everyone needs a break from work. Even you.
Mei It doesn't matter what's the name of the deity. As long as the priest speaks of love and forgiveness, this is all a person needs.
Mei I like it here. The waterfall is nice too, but the constant splashing hurts my ears!
Mei I got an offer from Mrs. Penny to work here, you know. To make food deliveries. But there just wasn't enough time or endurance to work bith here and at my father's...
Mei The Sheriff has his birthday on the 6th of Fall!
Mei I am so-so about spinach or rice, but cooked together...delicious!
Mei Do you visit the forest often? I like going there from time to time.
Mei At last, some peace! I never expected life in a town to be so busy!
Mei I have a few things to think about. The town square makes for a good thinking spot.
Mei Hello Player! You are out for a walk too?
Mei I wonder how some fish can swim upstream. It takes a lot of strength to do the opposite of what others expect from you.


Mei This is the Mayor...with a girl...oh...
Mei Mr. Otto helped my father a lot when we came here to settle. It's a pity, what happened.
Mei When I first came here, I was happy to think that everyone was kind here. That evil had no place in such a small town. Apparently, I was wrong...
Mei This is a strange stone, Player. Too strange...
Mei ..Why did this happen to Alice?
Mei Hi there! Happy birthday! I brought you something! I like you, you know. I you are!
Mei I have to go now! Good day!


Mei We keep bumping into each other. Is it luck, or is there something more?...
Mei you believe we are fated to be together? I do...
Mei I don't even know you well!
Mei I want us to be together, but please make your house bigger so we can fit in!
Mei I do! Yes! I love you and I want to be with you as your wife!
Mei I am so happy! Let's get married next Sunday!
Mei The other day, I was delivering some goods to the blacksmith. Upon arriving at the doorstep, I heard some shouting...
Mei The blacksmith and the woodman were arguing about something! The woodman was talking about buying something from the blacksmith...
Mei But I didn't get the rest of it. Is there something bad going on between those two, Player?
Mei I want you to have this!
Mei Player, I like you. You know, delivering goods all day makes you really efficient in organizing your space. Let me show you a trick or two about carrying more stuff.





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