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|alias =
|alias =
|gender =Female
|gender =Female
|birthday =
|birthday =Summer 28
|relatives =[[Lee]] (Husband)
|relatives =[[Lee]] (Husband)
|home =
|home =

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Matilda is a character in Gleaner Heights.

She is married to Lee, and lives south of the Blacksmith.


Matilda has long red hair, and wears a tan tunic and brown pants with black shoes.




Event OneEdit

Gleaner Heights- Lee beating his wife

Gleaner Heights- Lee beating his wife

  • Spring 10 - 23:00 - Lee and Matilda's House

When walking close to the couple's house at night, the Player will look into their bedroom window.

Event One
Lee I will go wherever the hell I want! The next
time you buy shoes, remember with whose
money you're doing that!
Matilda Lee, please...I am looking for a job! Please
don't talk to me like that!
Lee You don't get to criticize what I'm doin' when
I walk out of this damn door!
Matilda Lee, you are selling drugs! I know! Please
stop it! You are ruining us!
Lee You ungrateful bitch. What should I be doing
to provide, eh? Sleep with Thorne? Maybe
you should be doing that!
Matilda You pig! I don't recognise you any more!
Lee Let me help you!
Matilda Let go of me! Please no!
Lee Now come here...



Her Birthday is Summer 28, the day of the horse race. You can give her a gift at the festival.

Love Emerald, Diamond, Pearl
Like Strawberry, Zircon, Silk
Neutral Potato, Raspberry, Mushroom, Nightflower, Egg (L), Pepper, Old Boot,
Hate Fish Bone, Saltpetre, Stone, Wood, Cheese, Sulfur, Flour, Fodder



Wed 6:30-3:00 Home


Matilda Hello! I'm Lee's wife, Matilda. I hope you have settled well at your farm.
Matilda All this work must be quite hard...but at least you have something to do every day.
Matilda I love Spring! Everything seems so vibrant and happy!
Matilda But then I have allergies. And suddenly I want Spring to just go away.
Matilda Player, aren't you sick of the constant heat? I think that Fall suits me best!
Matilda Fall has its beauty. But the constant raining can be troublesome.
Matilda Sometimes, I just wish that we could skip Fall and go Straight to Winter...
Matilda When I was small, we used to make snowmen all the time. The next day I was usually sick.
Matilda Winter is nice, but the cold...I hope Spring arrives soon!
Matilda Watching flowers bloom and listening to the birds singing feels me with peace.
Matilda I wish we had a swimming pool...When we were younger, we would go to the lake to swim.
Matilda But after some...erm...accidents, the Mayor forbade it.
Matilda My grandmother used to obsessively sweep autumn leaves from her backyard all the time. A lost cause, if you ask me.
Matilda It's cold today! I wonder where you find the strength to move around s-so much!
Matilda Ew! That's gross!
Matilda Thank you.
Matilda I like this! Thanks a lot!
Matilda Oh my...where did you get this?...I love it!
Matilda Lee used to be in a baseball team. He had a very strong swing.
Matilda ...He doesn't play anymore. Now he prefers spending much of his time away from home.
Matilda I still can't believe what happened...what we did...
Matilda Hi Player! Came to buy something?
Matilda When I find myself troubled, I come here to pray and see other people.
Matilda I like the feeling of being among others. It makes me feel safer.
Matilda The church yard is so peaceful...We used to come here as kids, after church, and play hide and seek.
Matilda I could hide for hours, only to come out when the other kids yelled in desperation.
Matilda If only we'd be able to hide as adults, and come out when people would promise to be kinder to us...
Matilda Age and life has made the Doctor grumpy, but don't be fooled. He has a very kind heart.
Matilda Hi Player! I'm talking a walk to the church yard. Care to join?
Matilda ...Oh, hi. I...I just sit here, sometimes. I'm thinking about...
Matilda ...
Matilda Nothing. It's nothing, really.
Matilda Good morning Player! How are you?
Matilda It's late... Are you heading home to sleep? If so, I wish you a good night.
Matilda Bernadette used to be quite sour. Since a few years ago, however, she has sort of mellowed up a bit.
Matilda I wonder what caused such change?
Matilda I wish I could cook like Penny. Most food I take out of my oven is barely edible...
Matilda Regina and Garry's farm may not be big, but they are good people, and that's what counts.
Matilda Sometimes wanting more will only get yourself and others in trouble.
Matilda I generally like spaghetti, but spaghetti bolognese is my favorite!
Matilda Groan...just thinking about it makes me drool...
Matilda Player! How are you? I am so glad to see you...
Matilda Player...sometimes I wish we spent more time together...
Matilda What?...No...
Matilda Player...I want us to be together like this, but what about your house? Is it big enough for the both of us?
Matilda !...
Matilda Oh, my!
Matilda Oh, my, yes! Yes!! I'm so happy!
Matilda Let's arrange the marriage for next Sunday!
Matilda I love you!
Matilda What is this?...Oh my! How can this be?
Matilda The Mayor...I can't believe it...
Matilda Loneliness can be very cruel. But so can shame.
Matilda I still find it hard to believe what happened with Denny. How can we feel safe when we really don't know who our neighbor is?
Matilda What's this? It looks beautiful.
Matilda Player...
Matilda I...I am so sorry about what happened. I shouldn't have dragged you to all this.
Matilda I guess...I guess with time, maybe think will be better. You're a good friend, and I'll never forget you tried to help.
Matilda I am so so sad...poor Alice...
Matilda Good morning!
Matilda Happy birthday! This is for you!
Matilda See you around!
Matilda are a good person.
Matilda ...
Matilda I don't know who Lee is any more. I'm afraid he is in some kind of trouble. And when he comes home, and he's angry...
Matilda I'm so sorry to burden you with my chatter. Forget what I've said.
Matilda Player, you are a good friend. When we were young, my mother used to cook us spring vegetable stews.
Matilda I wasn't allowed near the kitchen, but I watched her make it so many times. I can tell you how to make it, too!
Matilda Player...I don't know who else to tell.
Matilda I'm afraid of Lee. He loses his patience very easily. I don't know what else he'll do next time he's angry.
Matilda I don't want to tell the Sheriff. I don't know how things will evolve if I do. For all that Lee has become, I can't bring myself to damage him this way.
Matilda But maybe, if things turn for the worse, I won't have any choice. I am so confused...
Matilda I want us to talk. In private. Will you help me?
Matilda I knew I could count on you.
Matilda Lee is usually outside at night, so come to my house after 8 pm, but not too late or he'll be back! We will speak more about it then.
Matilda ...I understand. It was too much to ask of you.
Matilda I'll have to be patient, I guess. See how things will turn out. Thank you for listening to me either way.





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