Lee is a character in Gleaner Heights.





Event OneEdit

Gleaner Heights- Lee beating his wife

Gleaner Heights- Lee beating his wife

  • Spring 10 - 23:00 - Lee and Matilda's House

When walking close to the couple's house at night, the Player will look into their bedroom window.

Event One
Lee I will go wherever the hell I want! The next
time you buy shoes, remember with whose
money you're doing that!
Matilda Lee, please...I am looking for a job! Please
don't talk to me like that!
Lee You don't get to criticize what I'm doin' when
I walk out of this damn door!
Matilda Lee, you are selling drugs! I know! Please
stop it! You are ruining us!
Lee You ungrateful bitch. What should I be doing
to provide, eh? Sleep with Thorne? Maybe
you should be doing that!
Matilda You pig! I don't recognise you any more!
Lee Let me help you!
Matilda Let go of me! Please no!
Lee Now come here...



Love Pike, Salmon
Like Gold, Mushroom, Quillback, Apple Bolette
Neutral Bass, Carrot, Cod, Copper, Corn, Grayling, Hop, Minnow, Nightflower, Octotinium, Okra, Pepper, Strawberry, Tomato
Hate Old Boot, Egg, Fish Bone, Flounder, Wood, Yellow Perch



Lee Hey. How you doin'. I'm Lee. You are the new guy.
Lee Hey. How you doin'. I'm Lee. You are the new gal.
Lee You can make some good coin in Gleaner Heights if you know how things work around here, hehe.
Lee We should go fishing together some day. I'm a lot into fishing.
Lee I'm a lot into many things...tee heee...


Lee Hey Player. Where are you headin' to?
Lee I caught some good fish the other day. Summer is a pretty good month for fishing. Just find a spot with some shade!
Lee Hey Player. Off to gather fallen leaves? Haha. Just joking.
Lee God I hate Winter. My balls are freezing off.
Lee God I hate winter. It's cold and my ponytail gets all curly.
Lee Spring is a good season, but my favorite one is Fall. A very profitable season, heh heh.
Lee Hey. Have you made any good money yet? I'm making good money myself.
Lee It's just that I spend them soon as I get them, ha ha!
Lee Ah, Fall. A time of mushrooms and magic! And I'm talking real magic, pal!
Lee Winter storms are pretty wild here. In the city, you barely notice them.
Lee But then again, in the city, one's mind tends to be more occupied...


Lee What!? Get this piece of crap away from me!
Lee What's this? Well. Whatever.
Lee Hey that's great! I knew we would become pals!
Lee Player, you are awesome. This is one of my best things ever!
Lee What the hell!? You want me to tear you another one?? Take this thing away!
Lee Hrmph. An expected nothing, from an expected nobody.
Lee Trying hard to be friends again, eh? Keep trying.
Lee Whoa thanks! See? A good beating actually improves relationships!


Lee Hey. I'm just heading out of town for some business. A man has to make some money, right?
Lee Business went well today...What I do, you ask? Well, you could say that I'm a salesman...a very profitable salesman, heehe...
Lee Care for a drink? I love drinking. Matilda doesn't want me to. But what does she know? If she wanted me to drink less, she should treat me better!
Lee Huh. It's you again.
Lee This is a good spot for fishing. I expect to catch me some before heading' home.
Lee Penny makes some great dishes. If only that was true for my wife...
Lee Penny makes some great dishes.
Lee You've been doin' any shopping from Mr. Ling? I made him a very profitable business proposal some time ago, but he likes to play safe.
Lee Mr. Thorne has some jobs for me from time to time. He's got a lot of money. He could buy the entire town if he wanted to.
Lee I'm gonna get some fresh air. Man, I ate so much at Penny's I'm feeling like I'm gonna burst!
Lee I'm heading to the waterfall. Not to fish.
Lee A man needs time alone, to make plans. Heehee...
Lee Boy I'm hungry. Can't wait to see what Penny has made today.
Lee I'm off for a drink over at the Lodge.
Lee What? There ain't sych thing as 'too early' for a drink!
Lee Huh? What are you doing in here? Taking notes for interior decoration?
Lee Kain is cool. He has a vision, and works hard to accomplish it.
Lee What is his vision? More money, of course!


Lee What's this? ... Whoah. Wait till the rest of the folks here get wind of this.
Lee So the Mayor killed himself. I guess he bit more than he could chew, then took the easy way out.
Lee So Denny liked it rough, eh? There are limits to those things.
Lee looks quite interesting, for a stone.
Lee Damn, Alice was a good girl.


Lee Hey! Today is your birthday, right?
Lee Well, here's something for you.
Lee See you around.
Lee Hey. Let me teach you a fish recipe.
Lee Okay. There are some things I wanted to show you about fishing.
Lee Listen now. I only recently got this great deal in the city. A guy needs me to bring him mushrooms for...pharmaceutical purposes, heh.
Lee How about we make a small partnership? You bring me a mushroom each day, I pay you. A lot more than what you'd get by shipping it.
Lee What do you say?
Lee Great! Remember: If you have any mushrooms, bring me one every day!
Lee Hmmm...a pity. I thought you had an eye for good business.
Lee Yes...that's good. Here is your share.
Lee One a day is enough! I can't be seen in the city carrying a bunch of 'em!
Lee Player...
Lee I don't know what to say. I know I'm not a very good person.
Lee Sometimes it takes a taste of your own medicine to see what you've been doing all along...
Lee Matilda can do whatever she likes. I won't bother her. I can't quit what I'm doin' in the city though.
Lee Not with the people I've messed with.
Lee ...We're OK, I guess. Keep going about our businesses like usual.
Lee You sure have a lot of nerve showing your face to me again. But tell you what.
Lee Matilda isn't going anywhere. And since I've made you my bitch the other day...
Lee We can both keep living in this town, as long as you never get in the way of my life again.
Lee Got it? Never again.
Lee Hope you learned your lesson. Now go away. Go milk a cow or whatever.





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