Lake Party is festival in Gleaner Heights.

It occurs Summer 16th, from 13:00-16:00. It is held at the bottom of the waterfall, in front of the mine.

You get to spend some one-on-one time with whomever you have a special connection with.

Dialogue Edit

20px Hi _____! What a beautiful day
Spend Time with Matilda
20px You know, when I look at the lake waters, I am overcome with calmness.
20px It is good to have a friend to share this moment with.
20px I...I feel safe next to you, _____. Thanks for being there for me.
20px Hi _____! It's good we can all be together and have a chat!
Spend Time with Fiona
20px You know, my life is a huge routine.
20px Go to the diner. Serve this. Clean that. Go home. Say hello. Say goodnight. But at moments like this, I feel it's okay.
20px There are people who have much worse lives than ours. I had an uncle who stole a lot of money from a bank he was working at and ended up in prison.
20px I wonder what his routine was. Surely worse than mine...heh.
20px Thanks for keeping me company. It's good being with you.
20px At last! A party! With barbeque! And people!
Spend Time with Mei
20px Sometimes I feel like I'm moving too fast. I mean, generally, in life.
20px I need to take a breath and appreciate the little moments. Life is what happens in between our dreaming and planning.
20px Since you came here, you always gave the impression of a very busy person. Always on the move. Always on the farm. Always going somewhere, having something to do.
20px But you always have time to talk to people. Like we are doing now. I like that. I like your company.
20px Watch out _____, all this barbeque will make you fat! Better burn some of those calories in the night!
Spend Time with Emily
20px Welp, that's the lake. And that's the waterfall. And that's what I see every day from my window.
20px Oh great. I sounded like a bratty princess again. I didn't mean it that way. It's just...
20px You know, nevermind. It's nice that you came in town. You certainly make things more interesting around here.
20px And that's precisely what we need. Interesting things.
20px more interesting can you get? A poor rich girl cannot help but wonder.
20px Hi _____! Help yourself to some food and drink!
Spend Time with Regina
20px It's easy to learn to live in anxiety.
20px How I'm going to do this. How I'm going to pay for that. My brother Garry keeps his cool better.
20px Huh. Strange. When our parent were around, dad used to be the anxious one. I remember them arguing one night. Dad was yelling that if they didn't pay their debts, they would be passed down on us.
20px Mom said something along the lines of yeah well whatever. Way to go mom.
20px Why am I telling you all this? You are pretty good at making people open up. Are you a magician?
20px Hello _____! Take it easy!
Spend Time with Ken
20px Running a blacksmith shop isn't easy. Neither is mining. With every strike of the hammer, you can feel your own bones rattling.
20px But then again, what is better? Sitting in a cubicle, watching your years melt away answering customer calls?
20px I guess having a lot of money like mr. Thorne is a better life, heh. But work and money alone don't make life better or worse. Being around good friends counts a lot.
20px I like your company. You know how to listen to people.
20px Hi _____! Enjoying yourself?
Spend Time with Michael
20px You know, I still think about whether things could've worked out differently with Alice.
20px Strange, huh? One's mind tends to wander in roads long abandoned. I guess I should look more to the future. To new people, new relationships...
20px ...
20px Thanks for being here _____.
20px Having a good time _____? Gatherings like this don't happen often!
Spend Time with Robert
20px and Bernadette now are husband and wife only in legal papers. It's weird how two people living together can be so far apart.
20px At least, after all this time, we are being honest for the first time, haha. It's good to have you around. You change people's lives in unexpected ways.
20px Hi _____! You should try the meat it's delicious!
Spend Time with Gabriel
20px You know, being a Sheriff in a small town is a weird case. You have your training, your equipment, and then nothing happens for years.
20px And then BAM. Something really bad happens. And it's like awaking from a very, very long slumber.
20px And you can't stop but feeling responsible. Did bad things happen because I was more relaxed?
20px I don't know. It's good to have someone to talk about these things. Thanks for being here.
20px Hey _____! You here too?
Spend Time with Garry
20px Life needs a certain amount of...balance. You need to find good things to counter the bad ones.
20px Like us, right now, having a talk. Life will go on, problems will come and stay.
20px But even a simple moment, sitting in peace, chatting with a good friend, can fill your batteries for whatever comes.
20px Try some barbeque! Only chipmunks don't eat meat!
Mayor Otto
20px Stay a while, and enjoy the fine food, drinks and company.
20px Not much to say. I'm afraid I drunk too much juice *gurgle* *burp*
20px Eh what? You're here too? Damn! There's not enough food for everyone!
20px I mixed the meds for my back ache with laxative pills. Again. This is embarrassing.
20px Why didn't the sun go to college?
20px Because it already had a million degrees!
20px ...
20px I'm sorry. It sounded funnier when I heard it.
20px I just love summer! No school, lake parties...what's there not to like?
20px This party needs big red balloons! Lots of red balloons!
20px City people don't enjoy such luxuries. They have their filthy night clubs where they go and take drugs.
20px Lake parties make me smile. I remember older days...better days.
20px ...God...I...I just miss her so much.
20px Parties make me tired. All that chit chat.
20px Chit chat. Chit chat. Chit chat.
20px People in the country are really more relaxed. The frantic pace of city life seems a distant nightmare now.

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