Ken is a character in Gleaner Heights.

He works at the Blacksmith's shop alongside his grandfather Lazarus. Their home is directly East of the Player farm.


Ken has bright blonde hair. He wears a yellow shirt and reddish brown overalls with black boots.





Fall Wednesday - 1900

When exiting the Blacksmith's at night (With Lazarus and Ken inside), Kain is startled by the character and runs off, dropping a vial in the process. If the player shows this to Kain, he denies ever having seen it and Ken and Lazarus wonder what it could have contained.

The vial can be shown to the doctor who confirms that it contains poison. After this, the player can show the vial to Ken in order to trigger the rest of the event.

Ken, the player, and Lazarus confront Kain and he confesses. He says that he had to expand, as Joshua was looking to get a different carpenter from the city. Though Ken wants to throw him in jail, they instead make a deal where Ken takes over the carpenter as well.

After Kain leaves, they thank the player. They recieve two octotinium and the vial.

NOTE: You can get a different outcome of the vial event if you show it to first to the Doctor, and then Kain. Kain will offer you a couple thousand gold to never mention this event again.

20px Huh? I...I've never seen this before! It's just
some lil' bottle right? Nothing weird here!
Ken, Lazarus
20px What's that?
20px Dropped by Kain, you say? Well, what did it
20px Eh? What's that?
20px want me to take a look at it?
20px Alright. Give me a second.
20px This vial contains traces of cadmium. It's a
heavy metal, and it's extremely toxic to
20px I wonder where you found such a thing
around here and why.
20px Hm. You youngsters certainly pass your
time in weird ways.
After the doctor
20px What's that?
20px ...
20px ...Oh my. That bastard! We should
have a talk with Kain and you, ____,
should be present too!


Ken and Emily are hinted to have been a thing.


Love Octotinium, Restoration Potion
Like Gold, Nightflower, Apple, Fire Opal
Neutral Bass, Battery, Boar Hide, Black Herb, Carp, Carrot, Cod, Copper, Croissant, Cucumber, Damascene, Egg (S), Eggs and Bacon, Emerald, Fat, Flour, Grayling, Green Herb, Hamburger, Honey, Iron, Lemonade, Lettuce, Lithium, Malachite, Minnow, Old Boot, Oil, Okra, Quartz, Pie, Rice, Ruby, Salmon, Saltpetre, Spaghetti, Sugar, Stone, Sulfur, Silver, Silicon, Turnip, Yeast, Yellow Perch
Hate Fence, Fish Bone, Kiwi, Onion, Wood, Milk


06:30 - 08:00 Town Square
08:00 - 15:00 Blacksmith's
15:30 - 18:00 Small Farm
19-20 Diner
20:00 - Blacksmith's


Wed 6:30-12:00 Home/Store


Ken Hi! I'm Ken. Nice to meet you!
Ken I work at my grandfather's as an assistant. Well, actually, he does all the smithing. I do all the mining.
Ken If you need anything, drop by any time!


Spring (Gen0)
Ken Hi Player! How's work going?
Summer (Gen0)
Ken Hi Player! Found anything interesting in the mines?
Fall (Gen0)
Ken Grandpa says I'll have to take over the business sooner or later. But I don't feel ready. I don't think I ever will.
Winter (Gen0)
Ken When I was younger, I wanted to have an office job in the city. But now, every time I visit the city, I get depressed. How people can live in such chaos?
Ken Hi Player! Good to see you!
Ken At least it's cool underground, inside the mines. There are other things to pay attention to, however.
Ken God I love Autumn. Best season ever! Well, except when it's foggy as hell.
Ken Woah. The difference of temperature when inside with the furnace on and outside is staggering.
Ken I'm, like, literally staggering right now.


Ken Nope. Not cool at all.
Ken Hey thanks!
Ken Is this for me? I like this very much, you know.
Ken Whoah! This is amazing! Thank you so much!


Ken I like mining. Extracting ores from the earth, it feels like a treasure hunt.
Ken I wouldn't venture too deep into the mines, though. It can be quite dangerous.
Ken I like Regina and Garry. They struggle with what they have, but they don't give up.
Ken I like listening to father Renesco's preaching. It fills my heart with hope.
Ken A good meal is all it takes for a day full of energy!
Ken The town square is very old. Probably hasn't changed since, well, forever.
Ken Good morning Player! Time for some mining!
Ken Found some good ores down there! They're pretty heavy though. My back...
Ken Hi Player! I'm off to see Garry!
Ken Hi Player! I'm off to see Regina!
Ken Hi Player! I'm off to see Regina and Garry!
Ken When I was a little kid, I wanted to become a doctor. Herbert always freaked out when he heard me saying so.
Ken Welp, time to eat something. My stomach is about to grow legs and run to the diner all by itself.
Ken Good morning Player!
Ken Well, time to relax. The day is over. Maybe I'll read something before hitting the sack.


Ken good to see you...
Ken Player...I can't take my eyes off you...
Ken I love you, there's no doubt about that. But your house is too small for us right now.
Ken !!!
Ken Yes! I want to marry you! Gosh, this is so exciting!
Ken I love you! I can't wait until next Sunday!

Ken Grandpa and the woodman have been arguing a lot lately. Kain pressures him a lot to sell the forge to him, now that grandpa's health has been declining.
Ken Grandpa doesn't want to, but if he gets worse he may have no choice. Medical expenses in the city are high. It's a bad situation, really.
Ken Hey Player! Let me tell you a thing or two about mining! I'm sure it will come in handy!
Ken You know, they say that, long ago, smugglers used to operate in the area. They were hauling all sorts of goods along the river.
Ken But authorities caught wind of it, and a fight ensued in the river. Many barges went down, along with all that smuggler treasure.
Ken Some time ago, Grandpa designed a diving suit, but never got around to build it. It's only an old tale, after all.
Ken The river banks are quite rocky, so a boat is required for diving. I will give you the schematics. Are you up for a little adventuring?


Ken That's...oh no. This isn't good. Do others know?
Ken What happened with the Mayor affects us all. What else is going on that we don't know about?
Ken Denny was a good guy. I don't know what took over him.
Ken Huh? Where did you find it? Doesn't look like anything I've seen in the mines.
Ken So Matilda left Lee. I wonder what had been going on between those two all this time.
Ken So Lee left Matilda and the town, all of a sudden...people can be so impulsive.
Ken Woah, Player, what happened to Alice was brutal...
Ken Hello Player! Happy birthday! I, um, brought you something.
Ken I hope you like it! See you later!





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