Joshua Thorne is a character in Gleaner Heights.

He owns the Lodge on the North side of town, and runs it with his two children Emily and James.


Joshua has black and grey hair, and wears a black suit with white lining.






Love Diamond
Like Collards, Wool, Apple Cider
Neutral Beer, Black Herb, Carrot, Cucumber, Egg, Emerald, Gold, Honey, Okra, Nightflower, Octotinium, Raspberry, Silk, Strawberry, Tomato, Zircon
Hate Lettuce, Peanut, Pepper, Mead, Yeast, Fodder



Wed 6:30-3:00 Hotel/Home


17 - 19 Lodge - Joshua's room


Joshua.png Oh, hello sir. How was your breakfast today? Did you enjoy the view from you roo...
Joshua.png Oh, hello madam. How was your breakfast today? Did you enjoy the view from you roo...

Joshua.png Wait a minute. You are not one of my guests. Oh...of course! You are %farmname Farm's new owner!^A pleasure to meet you. I am Joshua Thorne, owner of The Green Pine Lodge.^I see the farm is in good hands now. No, don't give me that look! I know an enterprising spirit when I see one!


Joshua.png I may be a businessman, but I always put the best interests of the community first. Gleaner Heights thrives, the Lodge thrives. It's a symbiotic relationship!
Joshua.png %playername...sometimes I envy you. You work hard, yet you lead a simple life. If only things were as simple for me.^All this decision making, all those hard calls...Yesterday I was three hours on the phone talking to my decorator about the hotel's exterior flags...^What? That's not considered a hard call??^Hmmm...never thought about it this way.
Joshua.png Try to befriend the townsfolk, and they will help you in their own ways. One must be diplomatic in order to achieve greatness!
Joshua.png Ah, %playername! Now that it's Winter, make sure to come to the hotel's showroom!^The theater man performs there on the 5th, 15th and 25th, from 7 pm to 10 pm!
Joshua.png Oh, greetings to you. I hear things are going well over at %farmname Farm.
Joshua.png James tries to learn things about hotel management. He's an honest person. Emily, on the other hand...^Well, they say that with age comes maturity. Emily should need a century or so.
Joshua.png Sometimes in our lives we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. There is also a sin/reward ratio, but that is material for advanced life lessons!
Joshua.png There is no successful business without taking risks. People without a hard stomach are bound to fail!


Joshua.png What? I thought you had tact! Clearly you don't!
Joshua.png For me? Oh. Thanks.
Joshua.png This is much appreciated. Thank you!
Joshua.png Oh, what a joyous moment! Clearly you know what captivates people's hearts!


Joshua.png My younger brother comes to see me every now and then. Last time, he brought with him some venison burgers. Mmmm...tastiest thing ever.

Joshua.png %playername! please, enjoy one of our fine drinks.

Joshua.png Gabriel is a good boy. We are cooperating closely to make our small town a safer place!

Joshua.png God is the ultimate being. It is my firm belief that He shields the innocent, and smites the wicked! But what happens to those who are in between?

Joshua.png Kain is doing most of the repairs to the Hotel, when the need arises. I wouldn't trust any other man for the task!

Joshua.png Fiona's birthday is on Spring 6. I remember it now, because last time it was too late...

Joshua.png Father Renesco's preaching always gives me a lot to think about.

Joshua.png I have some very, very important business decisions to make.^Very, very important.


Joshua.png So it was you who took them. Most unexpected. Now, this is a quite unpleasant situation. In your eyes, I may seem a heartless blackmailer.^But listen! Otto did what he did. Instead of leaking this to the public, wouldn't it be more prudent to...narrow his focus towards building a better town?^Look at all the hard work that's been done! The improvements! If I didn't have leverage over him, Otto would never bother coordinating all those town projects!^Sure, I also gain from this. But how could it be differently, to have masterminded such a plan for the benefit of our town and not be compensated in some way?^%playername...if you return these photos to me, I will pay you handsomely. It will be as if nothing ever happened. But showing them around may have dire repercussions!

Joshua.png What will you do?

Joshua.png I knew you would see reason! I am a man of my word. Here is your very own...compensation. And this little incident? Never happened.

Joshua.png You don't know what you're doing! Otto was devastated when Tinsel was found dead. I gave him purpose! I gave him focus! And now you come to ruin it all!^I pray for your better judgement on this issue. I will keep acting normally, as if nothing happened. But you should be very careful on what your next move will be.

Joshua.png Denny. A boy just a bit younger than my James. A murderer. Unbelievable.

Joshua.png What a majestic little gem! Sadly, I am not a geologist.

Joshua.png I understand that Ms. Matilda abandoned Lee. What a cruel thing to do to a man!

Joshua.png I understand that Lee moved into the city...permanently. How strange. I am absolutely positive he would contact me prior to such a decision.

Joshua.png A most tragic incident. I am very concerned of my safety. Hell, everybody is!

Joshua.png My goodness, what quickness! I barely managed to touch the door knocker!^Happy birthday! I had to postpone three meetings, one inspection, and a very important fight with my son to come here and give you this!

Joshua.png Keep up the good work, and come visit me anytime for advice!
Joshua.png I would appreciate it if you didn't touch this.

Joshua.png You should deliver this to Martha, not me!

Joshua.png Oh, this is mine! Thank you very much!

Joshua.png ...A bit late for this, don't you think?


Joshua.png To the south of Lee and Matilda's house, amidst the trees, is a rather peculiar tree. See, it's dead. But it just stands there, never growing leaves.^There are rumors that some treasure was buried near its root, but no one dared dig.^You see, the tree is cursed. How else is it dead among so many living ones?^...How you can dig? Well, you can use your hoe! Jeez!

Joshua.png When Sarah was alive, she used to cook us spinach with rice. It was delicious. My poor Sarah... At least, I can pass on the recipe to you.

Joshua.png Do you like sangria wine? Here's a method to make it. It tastes great, you know!





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