Husbandry is a skill in Gleaner Heights.

The skill increases when you take care of your farm animals.

Farm animals Edit

Can be bought and sold by interacting with Bernadette at her farm.

Image Animal Price Affection
Chicken $1000
Cow $5000
Horse $6000
Sheep $4000
Silk worm ?

These choices will appear if you own the affected animal on your farm.

Sell chicken $500
Sell cow
Inseminate cow $2000 Choose which cow to inpregnate from a list, then the bull will take care of the rest during the night.

Items Edit

Image Name Price Description
Animal feed $25
Animal Medicin $1000
Bell $3000
Brush $1000
Chicken feed $20
Milker $1000
Shears $1000

Perks Edit

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