Hunting Grounds is an area located west of the player farm.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Seasonal items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Season Located
Green herb Spring Two can be found east of the lake.
Hops Summer Two can be found just north of the areas entrance among the trees and worms.
Damascene Spring Going up the stairs in north head west along the ridge. There are 3 of them (6 with the perk Gatherer) staying with the Boar.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Image Name Located
Boar Going up the stairs in north head west along the ridge. The Boar area are up in the northwest on the map. Right next to the Slime Cave.
Fly Up on the ridge in a corner and in the southeast corner west of the Lake.
Hedgehog Southern parts of the area.
Maneater There is only one which one come up on going the way to the boars and the Slime Cave.
Slime Only Green slimes and they can be found going up the stairs and then east.
Worm In the northeast part of the forest on the map.

A Treasure chest can be found southeast of the lake, in the corner of the area map. Cointains a copper.

Two Treasure chests is located at the island in the lake which can only be reached through the Slime Cave.

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