Garry is a character in Gleaner Heights.

He and his sister Regina run their small farm together on the East side of town.


Garry has medium length light brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a greenish-yellow shirt and blue jeans with black boots.




Summer after 21:00, as you walk up to Garry's and Regina's farm

Regina: ...We can't just pretend it doesn't exist, Garry! We must do something about it!
Garry: Yeah? And what do you suggest we do? Money doesn't grow on trees, Regina. We've been through this a hundred times!
Regina: Maybe we should get a loan! There are some banks in the city, we should at least ask them!
Garry: Are you out of your mind? We won't avoid trouble if we throw ourselves in a bigger one!
Regina: Damn it! If only our parents had settled things more favorably...
Garry: Don't blame them. Mr. Smithers is a shark, everybody knows it. They would end up owing him money no matter what.
Garry: If it wasn't the accident at the oil well, it would be something else.
Regina: I'm so desperate Garry! We hardly make enough to get by! And the more we stall the larger the debt gets!
Garry: We'll figure something out sis. We always do. Smithers won't make any sudden moves. It's a lot of money, and if he takes our land he knows he'll never see any of it.
Regina: I hope you're right. God, I'm so worried...
You can walk in the cabin and talk to the siblings

Chat to Regina

- Just Chat
Normal dialogue
- Mention about the siblings' debt
Regina:...So you heard
Regina: I can't do anything without thinking abut it. Our mom and dad left this debt to us and we can't do anything, it's beyond our pocket.
Regina: We try to pay small amounts here and there, but the more it exists, the larger it grows!
Regina: Thanks, Eris. This will end one way or another. I wonder what we'll have left when it ends...
- Never mention about the siblings' debt
Normal dialogue again
Chat to Garry
- Just Chat
Normal Dialogue
- Mention the siblings' debt
Garry: ...
Garry: You heard? Gosh...
Garry: I feel quite embarrassed right now. Our parents had this debt. After they passed away, we inherited the debt along with everything.
Garry: I'm trying to be optimistic around Regina, but the truth is we're going to be in trouble if we don't do something about it...
Garry: ... Some lame townsfolk you know, heh. We'll figure something out. I hope...



Love Egg (G), Pizza, Ratatouille, Tortilla
Like Beer, Eggplant, Fried Egg, Honey, Hop, Pearl, Rice, Squash Fries, Yeast,
Neutral Cabbage, Carrot, Croissant, Damascene, Garlic, Green Herb Iron, Kale, Kohlrabi, Leek, Lemonade, Meat, Nightflower, Potato, Parsnip, Quartz, Radish, Turnip, Wood
Hate Apple Bolette, Fat, Fish Bone, Malachite, Mushroom, Power Cell, Stone, Sulfur, Zircon,






6:30-7:00 Home

7:00-11:00 Farm

11:00-12:30 Home

14:00-15:30 Hotel Bridge

17:00-3:00 Home






Garry Hello! Welcome to our small town! I'm Garry. I live at the small farm next to the church.
Garry Our property isn't as big as the other farms around here, but we do what we can to get by.


Garry Hi Player! Everything OK?
Garry Extremely hot days will hurt you and the farm animals. Take care when it's hot!
Garry Hi Player! Have you gathered enough fodder for your animals? One has to be prepared for winter!
Garry Do you go to the Lodge Bar? I avoid it. Drinking there can be an expensive pastime.
Garry Penny has some great dishes. You should try them out!
Garry So hot...I wish I had a hat! Or a beach umbrella! Anything!
Garry Too much anxiety will break you. Remember to be relaxed and enjoy the simple moments.
Garry Hey. Gathered any mushrooms? The summit has plenty of them in Winter.


Garry That's just awful!
Garry Thank you, Player.
Garry Oh, I like these a lot!
Garry Thank you so very much! What a great gift!


Garry Sigh...If only I could have a slice of pizza or a tortilla, and some beer to wash it down!
Garry Alice is a good woman, she just had a rough past. I hope she's put it behind her now.
Garry They say that, when salmons return from the ocean to breed, they go to the exact same spot they were born. Fascinating, eh?
Garry Hi Player! You need something from Kain too?
Garry This blue flower next to me? It's called a nightflower.
Garry Nightflowers bloom at night. When they do, they emanate a very pleasant scent.
Garry They fetch a pretty good price, too!
Garry Good morning Player! Slept well last night?
Garry Good night Player. See you tomorrow.
Garry The view from the bridge is great! You should try it if you have the time!
Garry Time to drop in on that grumpy ol' lumberjack.
Garry That's quite troublesome. Do other people know about this? What about the sheriff?
Garry What a sad conclusion. One day, you see a person, greet them, talk with them. The other day...
Garry Denny came to see us often. He was a good kid, and his father was a good guy too. What went wrong?
Garry Hm? Where did you get this, Player?
Garry Poor Alice. May she rest in peace.
Garry Good morning Player! Happy birthday! Here's a little something for you!
Garry Enjoy your birthday! Talk to you later!


Garry Oh! look great today...
Garry Hey. I...errr...really like seeing you...
Garry I...err...nice ring?
Garry You know my feelings for you. They have always been real. But your house is too small right now for me to move in...
Garry Yes, I want to marry you! I can't think of anyone else I've ever wanted so much to be with!
Garry Next Sunday, we're getting married!
Garry Player, let me give you some advice about farming.
Garry You know, there are some creatures very resistant to your tools. And some plants will prove quite troublesome to cut down with an axe or sickle.
Garry Now, I've read that acid could help you with those problems. But where to find it? Those small bottles of aqua fortis that Mr. Ling sells won't do it.You need quantity...
Garry You know, depending on how you water your crops, you may actually waste less water and save it to water some more!
Garry It has to do with watering closer to the ground. Let me tell you how...





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