Gabriel is a character in Gleaner Heights.

He is the Sheriff of Gleaner Heights, and resides at the Police Station.


Gabriel wears his Sheriff's uniform of a big brown hat and yellow shirt and pants.




Night PatrolEdit

  • Date: Y1 Spring 24, WED
  • Time: 21:50
  • Gabriel's Heart Color: Dark Blue

As the Player advances directly down from the Town Square, and heads towards Martha's house, a voice will call out to you...

Spoiler warning: The following may reveal important plot details. Read at your own risk!

Night Patrol
20px Halt! Hold it right there!
20px Keep your hands raised!
20px ...Oh, they already are.
20px Don't move! I mean it!
20px ...Player? Oh, I thought...
20px I...I was doing a night patrol. Look out for suspicious events.
20px I'm so sorry I startled you. My nerves are kinda on the edge when walking around in the night.
20px You never know these days. Bad things can happen.

It's OK.
20px Thanks for understanding. Sometimes I have this feeling, you know, that we're up against things that are greater than us.
20px But it's just probably my nerves.
20px Good night, Player. Take care.
Try Harder!
20px ...I'm sorry. Really. It's just my nerves.
20px Goodnight. Take care.



Love Power Cell
Like Boar Hide, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Watermelon,
Neutral Black Herb, Bluegill, Dace, Damascene, Fat, Grayling, Green Herb, Iron, Lettuce, Mackerel, Meat, Mushroom, Nightflower, Pumpkinseed, Saltpetre, Stone
Hate Sulfur, Peanut, Pea, Bean, Wool, Cheese, Cocoon, Fish Bone, Old Boot,





Wed- 6:30-3:00 Home/Sheriff's office











Fri- 9:00-12:00 Home/ in his bedroom


Sun- 12:00 - 1:00 Home/ in his bedroom


Gabriel Hello and welcome to our town. My name is Gabriel. If anything or anyone gives you a hard time, you let me know, alright?


Gabriel Be careful, Player. Some places out of town aren't all that safe.
Gabriel Hey. Do you like fishing? My dad used to fish a lot. One day, he caught a huge salmon and the local paper made a story of it. I usually caught cans and boots.
Gabriel Hi Player! Anything to report?
Gabriel It's days like this that I wish my hat was made of fur.
Spring (Gen1)
Gabriel Hi Player! Is everything in order?
Summer (Gen1)
Gabriel Remember to wear a hat and hydrate yourself frequently to prevent a sunstroke!
Fall (Gen1)
Gabriel Hi %playername! Everything looks OK!
Winter (Gen1)
Gabriel If you see any suspicious snowmen walking around, let me know.


Gabriel No, that's just...not good.
Gabriel Bribing the Sheriff? Just kidding. Thanks.
Gabriel That's a great gift! Thanks!
Gabriel What a great present! You've made my day! Thanks!


Gabriel I enjoy Penny's dishes as much as the next person, but I'm also taking notes of the ingredients because I like cooking!
General Store
Gabriel Some people believe that Mr. Ling's prices are a bit steep, but they haven't been in a city's supermarket, to feel what really overpriced means.
Gabriel I believe in something greater than us. We are luminous beings, not crude matter.
Town Square
Gabriel Superstition is strong in Gleaner Heights, even from the early days of the colonists.
Gabriel The location of the town, the waterfall, the tall trees, maybe they help build some...mysterious aura.
Gabriel But you know how these things work. When a person went missing near the waterfall, people used to say he got caught by the water spirits.
Gabriel Then that person returned with a broken leg, explaining that they had slipped and fell. Stories will be stories, and people will be people.
Gabriel Well, even sheriffs must relax every now and then!
Gabriel Good morning %playername!
Gabriel I hope you have a pleasant night, %playername.
Gabriel Inspecting the area! Everything seems OK!
Gabriel Heading back to headquarters, I mean, my office!
Gabriel I like trout! My all-time favorite recipe is baked trout with radish!


Gabriel Hmmm...How unexpected. The Mayor will have a lot to answer.
Gabriel Otto's final move made him look even more like a suspect. But things usually aren't that simple.
Gabriel So Denny was behind it after all. Denny was no stranger to trouble, but reaching such a point is way beyond my comprehension.
Gabriel What's this? It looks quite rare.
Gabriel ...I have failed as a sheriff. People die, and I'm chasing my tail.
Gabriel Hello! And happy birthday! Good friends deserve good gifts, so here's yours!
Gabriel I'll be seeing you! Happy birthday again!


Gabriel Hey there...I've been thinking about you. About us.
Gabriel You are the thief who stole my heart. And I have every intention to catch you.
Gabriel Let's get us some more time to know each other, right?
Gabriel I love you, and I want to be with you, but your house is a bit small for us as it is right now.
Gabriel ...
Gabriel Yes.
Gabriel Absolutely yes. I...I'm so very happy right now.
Gabriel I will talk to Renesco, set up things for next Sunday!
Gabriel %playername, I don't know what the rest of the townsfolk have told you, but shortly before you arrived in town...
Gabriel ...a local girl was found dead. The daughter of Clarence and Martha Riving. That special agent? He's here for this reason.
Gabriel We suspect foul play, but haven't found something towards that theory yet.
Gabriel Just wanted you to hear this from me. If you find anything or notice anything unusual, drop by my office any time.
Gabriel You know, I cook as a hobby. Here's a recipe you might like.
Gabriel Have a minute? I wanted to show you some tricks to gain an edge in a fight!





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