Fiona is a character in Gleaner Heights.

She works as a waitress at Penny's Diner with her mom Penny. The Diner is right next to the General Store and Hospital, near the Town Square.


Fiona has long blonde hair pulled into two pigtails. She wears a stylish grey jumpsuit with a pink belt and pink shoes.




City ConcertEdit

  • Date: Y1 Spring 20, SAT / Y1 Spring 5, SUN
  • Time: 17:13 / 19:00 (*NOTE: The whole in-game screen was tinted orange.)
  • Location: The Diner
  • Fiona's Heart Color: Dark Blue OR: Yellow/Gold

As the Player enters the Diner, you come across Fiona visibly upset about the fact that Penny didn't arrange it so that she could attend a city concert, despite informing Penny of her desire to go to it a week prior.

Penny appears to be pretty hesitant in allowing her daughter to attend, due to the lack of alternative staff, and personal troubles of her own.

Fiona is the first to turn to the player, and she asks you for your opinion of the matter...

If the player chooses the first option option, you will cover Fiona's shift for her so that she is free to attend the concert.

*NOTE: After this event ends, the time will have passed considerably as it will now show that it's 23:00 (if you witnessed this event around 17:13.)

Spoiler warning: The following may reveal important plot details. Read at your own risk!
City Concert
Fiona I've been telling you since last week about
this concert in the city that I want to go to!
Fiona Why didn't you re-arrange the shifts? Or
find a replacement?
Penny Who's going to replace you, Fiona? And I
can't bear standing up serving people all day
long! I'm pushing it as it is!
Fiona Mom, I really appreciate your hard work,
but I can't just abandon my life on the
other side of this counter!
Fiona Hi [Name]. Sorry for the yelling. See, there's
this great concert in the city and I want to
go, but who's going to serve the customers

Option 1: I could cover for you!
20px +Affection Boost with Fiona (Positive Reaction)
Fiona ...Really? You are such a great friend!
Fiona Mom, are you OK with this?
Penny Well, I don't know if [Name] has had any prior
experience with...
Fiona Oh, for crying out loud mom! It's not a job
interview! [Name] is going to sit here for, like,
a couple of hours!
Penny Well...OK then.
Penny Have fun at the concert, my dear.
Penny [Name], come, let me show you a few things.
Fiona You are the best! See you later!
Kain Hey.
Kain I want a deli-max-burger, a side of
chippy-whippy fries and some cherry pie.
Kain ...What do you mean say that again? You
daft? Jeez, waiters these days. Where's
your manager!?!?
Tobias Eh what? Where's Fiona? She always gives
me a free meal, you know!
Clarence Hey [Name]! A change in career? And what
about the farm? That's really sudden!
Renesco 'Sometimes I run.'
Renesco 'Sometimes I hide.'
Renesco 'Sometimes I'm scared of you.'
Renesco 'But all I really want is to hold you tight.'
Renesco 'Treat you right, be with you day and night.'
Renesco These are the lyrics from a song of a young
singer called Brittany Javelins.
Renesco What magnificence! What a great message
about overcoming our own fears and leave
our safe space to provide comfort to
Renesco I am simply stunned! Such elegant wording is
surpassed only by the Divine Books
Renesco I think ms. Javelins is performing today in
the city, as a matter of fact.
Renesco Hm? Order? Oh, I don't want anything. I
simply came by to enlighten the patrons.
Fiona I'm back! The concert was great! So, how did
it go?
Penny [Name] did well! No problems whatsoever!
Fiona [Name], thank you so much for doing this for
me! You're a real friend!
Fiona Maybe next time, when mom finds another
replacement, we could go to a city concert

Option 2: Whatever.
20px Unknown Effect
20px Unknown Dialogue



Love Nightflower, Ruby,
Like Squash, Silk, Pearl, Mead, Loquat
Neutral Corn, Egg (L), Malachite, Gold, Silver, Iron,

Saltpetre, Lithium, Copper, Quartz, Sulfur, Emerald, Zircon, Fire Opal, Fish Bone, Minnow, Tomato

Hate Mushroom, Garlic, Silicon, Asparagus, Beer



Wed 6:30-3:00 Diner/home


Fiona Hey! Welcome to the town! I'm Fiona! I help mom at the diner. Drop by anytime you want something tasty!


Fiona Hi! It's beautiful outside, isn't it?
Fiona I wish all days were like summer...well, perhaps a bit cooler.
Fiona Hi Player! I hope you don't stress yourself too much with work!
Fiona It's so cold...I forgot my coat again...
Fiona Hi Player! Remember to check out the special dishes we have each season!
Fiona Spring is hamburger season!
Fiona Many townspeople know a recipe or two, even if they don't look like the cooking type.
Fiona Being friends with them will help you learn those recipes too!
Fiona I really like the colors of Fall. That auburn hue's unique!
Fiona Sometimes I wish that mom would hire another person to help in the diner.
Fiona Those long shifts are unbearable, and Winter doesn't help lighten the mood either.
Fiona Hey! What a downpour!
Fiona It sure is raining a lot in Fall...I guess it's good if you have a farm. Saves you time watering your crops.
Fiona It's so foggy outside! I can't see a thing!


Fiona No! I hate this!
Fiona Hey, thanks!
Fiona That's great! Thanks!
Fiona I...don't know what to say! I love this!


Fiona I like it here. It's so peaceful.
Fiona The town square is where all the gossip happens. It's a small town, so it's quite easy to learn about others.
Fiona Mom simply hasn't enough time to come here. To tell you the truth, I'm not really a religious person. I just come here to make her feel better.
Fiona Look at all this rushing water...It's beautiful.
Fiona The woodman is a lonesome person. I guess it goes with the job. Being in the forest all the time, chopping wood...
Fiona But then again, who doesn't like being in the forest?
Fiona Hi there! I see you're an early bird too!
Fiona Oh...I can barely stand. Probably gonna hit the bed like a sack of bricks!
Fiona Hi Player! I'm going for a walk to my favorite place!
Fiona Well, time to get ready for my shift.
Fiona Seeing the playground in this state makes me sad...we used to play here all the time when we were children.
Fiona I was so glad when I heard you would help fix the playground! It's so lovely!
Fiona Hello! Just going for a walk! I like the view from the bridge!
Fiona My ears are still buzzing from the waterfall, but the view is always worth it.
Fiona I like visiting the church yard from time to time.
Fiona This statue over there is old...very old. No one can remember when it was erected or by who.


Fiona Is this the mayor? With her? Oh man...
Fiona What a tragic ending. If only things worked different for the Mayor...
Fiona So Denny was behind the murder after all. Has it all really ended? Or there is more to this?
Fiona What a strange stone. Somehow, I don't feel comfortable with it.
Fiona First Tinsel, now Alice. Things can barely go worse.
Fiona You do remember whose birthday it is, do you?
Fiona It's your birthday, dummy! Happy birthday!
Fiona It was nice seeing you. Well, goodbye for now!


Fiona Oh, it' Hello! Don't mind my blushing, it's just that I was born with a high blood pressure!
Fiona Player...I think about you, like, all the time.
Fiona Why do you show this to me?
Fiona I want it, too. But your house won't fit us. Maybe when you expand it a bit...
Fiona ...
Fiona I do! I was dreaming of this moment! I love you so much, I want us to be together every hour of the day!
Fiona Let's make preparations for next Sunday!
Fiona Hey, let me tell you how to make potato mash! It's easy!
Fiona Hey! Do you have a blender! No? Oh, my! It's so useful and underrated! You can blend all sorts of stuff inside! Make juices, milkshakes...
Fiona I know what I'll do! I have a second blender back at home that I don't use! You can have it!
Fiona Player, you are a truly nice person, and I like you a lot.
Fiona This is for you. It's a rare thing, you know.





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