Image Name Location Description
Automaton Automaton Cave, The Mine Walks around and drops bombs now and then.
Bat The Mine Takes a moment charging and then throws a sonic wall.
Boar Hunting Grounds Charges when you get close or hit it.
Darkspin Automaton Cave Creates fog in the Automaton Cave.
Fly Hunting Grounds, The Mine Shoots now and then at you.
Hedgehog Hunting Grounds Charges in a roll at you.
Maneater Hunting Grounds, The Mine Shoots a green smartbullet that follows you and explode at contact.
Slime Hunting Grounds, The Mine Green slimes lobs a short range drop, while purple ones lobs shots in all directions though still short range.
Spider The Mine Turns yours way all the time and with interval shots three acid shots with a spray pattern. It also places webs here and ther that slows the player down.
Wheelomaton Automaton Cave, The Mine Shoots a laser that rotates clockwise though it can't go through things.
Worm Hunting Grounds, The Mine Wriggles your way and only harms at contact.

Enemy drops Edit

Name Drops
Automaton $10?, Bomb, Battery, Power Cell or Copper
Bat $15 or Sulfur
Boar $20, Boar Hide, Meat or Fat
Darkspin $?
Fly $10
Hedgehog $10?
Maneater $?, Hops or Peanut
Slime Green $10/ Purple $15 or Fat
Spider $15
Wheelomaton $?
Worm $5
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