Doctor Herbert is a character in Gleaner Heights.

He works at the Hospital on the main row of town, next to the Police Station and Penny's Diner.

Appearance Edit

Doctor Herbert is an older guy with wild white hair and facial hair, and wears glasses. He wears a brown suit.



Fall Wednesday - 1900

When exiting the Blacksmith's at night (With Lazarus and Ken inside), Kain is startled by the character and runs off, dropping a vial in the process. If the player shows this to Kain, he denies ever having seen it and Ken and Lazarus wonder what it could have contained.

The vial can be shown to the doctor who confirms that it contains poison. After this, the player can show the vial to Ken in order to trigger the rest of the event.

Ken, the player, and Lazarus confront Kain and he confesses. He says that he had to expand, as Joshua was looking to get a different carpenter from the city. Though Ken wants to throw him in jail, they instead make a deal where Ken takes over the carpenter as well.

After Kain leaves, they thank the player. They recieve two octotinium and the vial.

NOTE: You can get a different outcome of the vial event if you show it to first to the Doctor, and then Kain. Kain will offer you a couple thousand gold to never mention this event again.

20px Huh? I...I've never seen this before! It's just
some lil' bottle right? Nothing weird here!
Ken, Lazarus
20px What's that?
20px Dropped by Kain, you say? Well, what did it
20px Eh? What's that?
20px want me to take a look at it?
20px Alright. Give me a second.
20px This vial contains traces of cadmium. It's a
heavy metal, and it's extremely toxic to
20px I wonder where you found such a thing
around here and why.
20px Hm. You youngsters certainly pass your
time in weird ways.
After the doctor
20px What's that?
20px ...
20px ...Oh my. That bastard! We should
have a talk with Kain and you, ____,
should be present too!

Gifts Edit

Love Yarn, Tortilla, Apple Cider, Honey-Baked Pumpkin Risotto
Like Black Herb, Milk, Mushroom, Wine, Sulfur
Neutral Corn, Green Herb, Hop, Honey, Nightflower, Octotinium, Pearl, Rock, Salmon, Saltpetre, Silver, Tomato, Wool (S)
Hate Okra, Mayonnaise, Carrot, Butter, Fat, Sugar, Fish Bone, Old Boot



Wed 6:30-7:00 Hospital/Home 7:30-9:00 Outside abandoned mansion 9:30-17:30 Hospital/Home 17:30-18:30 Penny's 18:30-3:00 Hospital/Home


17 - 18 Lodge - Showroom


Doctor Hmm...haven't seen you around before. What's your name?
Doctor Are you the new owner of the farm? Aren't you a bit young to play farmer?
Doctor But then again, pretty much everyone looks too young to me.
Doctor I am Herbert, the town's doctor. If you catch a cold, or get dismembered, come see me. I can stitch pretty much everything back.


Doctor Going round the town, eh? Good. Walking is good for the heart.
Doctor Back in my days, we didn't have sunscreen. And if we got sunburned, we were getting smeared in cold yoghurt.
Doctor Fall always reminds me of falling. Many an old man has lost their life because of a bad fall.
Doctor Before you arrived, an old man lived in the farmhouse. His name was Jakobson or something like that. Fell and broke his femur. Didn't make it.
Doctor If you sweat, don't let it dry on you! Get in the house, change your shirt, go back outside!
Doctor Spring is a good time to gather green herbs. They're good for restoring your stamina.
Doctor Is it just me, or do Summers keep getting hotter and hotter? It must be because of this phenomenon, something to do with a greenhouse.
Doctor If you have a greenhouse, you are guilty!
Doctor Hm. Oh, hello. How are you.
Doctor Have you been vaccined? If so, then you have made a grave mistake! Yes sir! I strongly oppose vaccines!
Doctor Those city-dwellers pump our bodies full of poison and suspicious substances!
Doctor Me? Well, I am vaccined too. Wouldn't want to catch hepatitis my age. Why are you looking at me like that?


Doctor That's disgusting!
Doctor Huh. Thanks.
Doctor I am not used to such kind gestures. Thank you.
Doctor Young one, where have you come from to bring such joy to an old coot?


Doctor Penny's dishes are medicine for the soul.
Doctor Otto seems to me a bit troubled since...well...some time ago. Of course, I'm wrong as much as I am right...
Doctor Eh? You scared me.
Doctor This grave? It belongs to a woman. You don't know her. If she were alive, she would be a bit older than me.
Doctor Don't you have something better to do other than following old men around?
Doctor I read something in a poetry book about the fresh air of the forest. Or maybe it was a bubble gum commercial.
Doctor I lost my faith many years ago. Now I come here out of habit.
Doctor Besides, how will I be able to tell my patients that their fate is in God's hands, without passing for a believer myself, eh? Heh heh...
Doctor Huh? Came here for your morning prescription?
Doctor What? You don't take any pills? And how can you live?
Doctor Always make sure to have a good night's sleep. Going to bed late will get you out of it late as well.
Doctor A long time a go, a strange fruit came to our land. Prunus obscuram, it is called. Locals refer to it as the shadow plum.
Doctor I think one of Lazarus' ancestors brought it here from a place far away, but I'm not sure if it's true.
Doctor The fruit is really miraculous. For staters, it doesn't wither, even after all these years.
Doctor It is believed it can charge your body with vigor, and even slow down the effects of poisoning!
Doctor That villa over there has seen better days. It was Hermaeus and his mad obsessions that brought the entire Faradouchi family to ruin.
Doctor If only I had the courage do something!
Doctor An old lady used to live in this town. She carried a piece of driftwood with her, even talked to it. People are weird, aren't they.
Doctor Joshua's lodge is a fine establishment. I wonder if his children will be able to uphold his legacy.
Doctor Sometimes I wonder who the Theater Man really is. He looks painfully familiar He can't be.


Doctor Eh?...Is that Otto? What is he doing there? Oh...
Doctor So Otto hanged himself. What he did was awful, if you ask me. I'm talking about the girl.
Doctor He all have our sirens, but few manage to trade them with a cross to carry inside.
Doctor I don't feel sorry for Denny. Well, maybe a little.
Doctor This reminds me of something...I feel a presence I haven't felt since...
Doctor Someone with a filthy mind operates in this town. Someone whose inner ear listens to the most vulgar of thoughts.


Doctor Well well. Happy birthday young one.
Doctor Have a nice day.
Doctor You are so unlike the rest of them, young one. They always seek to take, whereas you know how to give.
Doctor Let me tell you how to make something to help you when your exploits cause you wounds.
Doctor That villa...I was young when people lived there. Hermaeus was a strange man. His family's heritage weighed heavy on him.
Doctor Maybe he wanted to get rid of it. But in the end it was too late. His wife...oh, Francesca. I was in love with her. I won't deny it.
Doctor Supposedly Hermaeus found something, deep inside the mountain, something his ancestors were looking for centuries. And it drove him mad.
Doctor When we found Francesca's body inside the villa...Hermaeus was gone. And the baby was there, alive and unharmed.
Doctor Every time I close my eyes, I see her. Lying on the bed... Whatever Hermaeus found, it consumed him. But not before destroying his entire family.
Doctor I'll share one more secret with you. It's a recipe for a substance that will greatly heal and refresh you. Listen closely...


Doctor ...Where did you find this?...
Doctor Francesca...
Doctor The person it belonged to...I...I was...
Doctor May I keep it? I'll give you something else instead. It's just an old locket, heh...not much use to you. But for me...


Doctor Easy now. You passed out.


Doctor They found you laying down somewhere in the town. Life can't be that hard for you now, can it?


Doctor They found you crawling out of the mines, barely conscious. Don't go unprepared in dangerous places!


Doctor They found you laying down at the hunting grounds. Sometimes the hunter becomes the prey.


Doctor They found you unconscious at the summit. Sometimes the view is too stunning for a person to handle.


Doctor You were involved in a scuffle, I heard.
Doctor Life can be hard as it is. Sometimes getting too involved only makes things more painful.


Doctor They found you crawling out of a hole at the summit. You kept mumbling something about how everyone here forgets.
Doctor That's weird.


Doctor They found you unconscious some moments ago. You shouldn't strain yourself so much.


Doctor You need to rest. A new day will dawn soon.



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