Agent Deacon Troopel is a character in Gleaner Heights.

He is an Agent from the city come to investigate some suspicious goings-on in town. He rents a room at the Lodge in the meantime.


Agent Troopel dresses smartly with his black suit, white shirt and red tie and slicked back black hair.


He's pessimistic.





Love Diamond, Mayonnaise (G), Damascene
Like Battery, Quartz, Silver, Mayonnaise, Spaghetti Carbonara
Neutral Boar Hide, Cabbage, Carrot, Collard, Copper, Corn, Cucumber, Egg (L), Egg (M), Emerald, Fire Opal, Garlic, Gold, Hop, Iron,Kale, Kohlrabi, Leek, Lettuce, Lithium, Malachite, Minnow, Nightflower, Octotinium, Okra, Onion, Parsnip, Pepper, Potato, Power Cell, Radish, Raspberry, Ruby, Salmon, Saltpetre, Silicon, Stone, Strawberry, Sulfur, Tomato, Zircon
Hate Apple, Apple Bolette, Meat, Mushroom, Turnip, Fat, Wine, Oil, Sugar, Fish Bone, Old Boot



Wed 6:30-10:00 Hotel 11:00-13:00 Bernadette & Robert's farm 14:00-3:00 Hotel
Fri 14:00-3:00 Hotel


17 - 19 Lodge - Showroom


Agent Mr. %playername. I am special agent Deacon Troopel.
Agent Ms. %playername. I am special agent Deacon Troopel.
Agent Welcome to the town. I won't bother you with any questions, since you are new here.
Agent But if you see anything out of the ordinary, let me know.


Agent Spring is a mysterious season. Life is reinforced, and dormant species wake up.
Agent But for me, Spring always carries that hidden essence of decay.
Agent The green leaves will become compost in the months to come. And all life sprouted from nature's verdant bosom will soon begin its march towards oblivion.
Agent Is that all there is? An endless cycle from birth to death?
Agent My investigations are nearly fruitless. I spend a lot of time with the townsfolk, but they are tough nuts to crack.
Agent Always very careful not to let anything slip away for another person. Perhaps if I befriended them more...
Agent %playername! I hope you are making progress with your farm! Sometimes I wish I had a farm of my own...
Agent Maybe when I retire. But that will take some years. And I still have many cases to solve!
Agent Winter is the season I appreciate the most. Not because I'm particularly fond of the cold...
Agent ...but there's not a more perfect time to enjoy a hot, steaming cup of black coffee.
Agent Many legends surround these mountains. Half of them are fairy tales. It's the other half I'm concerned about.
Agent Sometimes, clues appear when least expected. It takes determination and persistence to get to the bottom of things.
Agent Being in the right place and time helps, too.
Agent No matter the season, pine trees will never shed their mantle of green. The human spirit should take example from this.
Agent Is our spirit green too? Possibly.
Agent Winter is a hard season to keep check of one's movements. Many suspects have managed to slip away during a storm!


Agent %playername, that's the single most awful thing I've ever been presented with. Please remove it from my sight immediately.
Agent That's nice of you.
Agent That's great! Thank you so much!
Agent %playername, I don't know how to thank you enough for this present!


Agent The doctor seems to be a decent person. But I sense that he carries some sort of burden.
Agent I took some psychology courses back at the academy, but I sense that they, alone, won't suffice.
Agent Mrs. Penny makes a hell of a coffee! And the dishes are great, too!
Agent People are more relaxed when having a drink. I know I need one sometimes.
Agent Mr. Thorne sure has a great establishment here. As a character, I feel that he is a bit more...layered than the average person should be.
Agent But then again, he is not an average person.
Agent I am in close cooperation with the Sheriff. Teamwork is key for efficiency.
Agent You know, in every movie, when some Federal Officers just appear and take control of everything? Pfft. What a bunch of bollocks!
Agent Ah, hello %playername. I am visiting the Rivings. Nothing special here. Just checking.
Agent This sure is a nice farm. A lot of work has been put into it.
Agent The other night, I had a strange dream. A giant appeared before me, and gave me three clues.
Agent For the life of me, I can't remember a single one of them. Weird, huh?
Agent I usually exercise when I'm alone in my room. That, or I record my thoughts.
Agent I'm off to have a chat with the doctor.
Agent If age brews cynicism, then the doctor is quite old indeed.
Agent Well, time for me to visit the diner. I'll never give up on coffee. Never ever!
Agent I'm on my way to Bernadette's farm. She has given me the impression of a strong, independent woman.
Agent Even the toughest slabs of concrete have cracks, however.
Agent I'm on my way to the general store. An interesting dynamic, that of the father and the daughter.
Agent The daughter strives for a vote of confidence from her father, and the father is secretly more proud than he'll ever admit.
Agent I'm going to see Gabriel. He's a decent fellow. He's used, however, to the calmer pace of suburban life. Too used.
Agent I'm paying a visit to the woodman. Kain seems to be hiding something. I wonder what it is.
Agent I'm off to visit the Rivings.
Agent It never gets easier.


Agent ...Really? Maybe that's a new lead! I'll have to keep pressing with my investigation!
Agent A tragic ending for the Mayor. Still I don't believe he was the perpetrator.
Agent I still think about what happened with the priest's son. The darkness inside people's souls is paralyzing to think about.
Agent All we can do is stand up and fight, but which side are we on? The winning or the losing one?
Agent What a peculiar stone. You should keep it.
Agent I was pretty certain I was on the right track. Now another person is dead.
Agent is your birthday, right? Well, I thought I'd drop by and give you a little something.
Agent Happy birthday!


Agent I guess I'll have to let you know something.
Agent The reason I am here is that, shortly before you arrived at Gleaner Heights...
Agent ...a local girl was found dead. Drowned.
Agent It was the daughter of Clarence and Martha Riving. Her name was Tinsel. She was seventeen years old.
Agent I was officially assigned to investigate this tragic incident. I have yet to determine if it was murder, suicide or an accident.
Agent I hope I'll make some progress with time. If anything catches your attention, I'd like to be the first to hear from you.
Agent Hey, you have a moment? Let me show you some fighting moves we were taught back at the academy. First, you step like this...
Agent Well, %playername, time to let you in on a big secret!
Agent It's a recipe from my hometown! I hope you enjoy it!





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