Adam Casales is a character in Gleaner Heights.



Adam is an adventurous little boy. When not in school, you will find him around playing with his sister Lily.





Love Cake
Like Mushroom, Strawberry, Hop
Neutral Corn, Gold, Nightflower, Green Herb, Cucumber, Okra, Tomato
Hate Carrot, Fat, Sulfur, Yeast, Zucchini, Beer, Yeast, Fish Bone



Wed 6:30-18:00 Home 18:00-19:30 Town Square 19:30-3:00 Home


Adam Hi! I'm Adam Casales! How do you do Mister! Will you be staying here long? Let's be friends! We can go treasure hunting together!
Adam Hi! I'm Adam Casales! How do you do Miss! Will you be staying here long? Let's be friends! We can go treasure hunting together!


Adam Hi Mister Player! Do you have a TV in your house? Can I please come and watch all day? I'll pay you!
Adam Hi Miss Player! Do you have a TV in your house? Can I please come and watch all day? I'll pay you!
Adam I wish I had some friends my age here. Mom and dad say that once we make enough money here we can move in the city. But I don't think they mean it.
Adam When it rains, snails and worms come out. It's like magic!
Adam One day, we should play Knights and Wizards! I'll bring my own dice!
Adam Hello! Do you want to catch bugs together?
Adam ...No? Grown-ups are boring!
Adam Sometimes, in Summer, Mr. Riving buys us ice cream from the city! It's soooo delicious!
Adam I like walking on fallen leaves and kicking them around! It's fun!
Adam I want to build a snowman! It's gonna be, like, ten feet tall! With a red scarf!


Adam That's not cool at all Mister. I hate this.
Adam That's not cool at all Miss. I hate this.
Adam Thanks!
Adam That's nice! Thanks a lot!
Adam Wow! Where did you get this from? I love it!


Adam The city is so noisy that when we come back my ears hurt from all the silence!
Adam Hi Mister Player! We are going to the city with Mr. Riving! He works there, but he drops us to school first!
Adam Hi Miss Player! We are going to the city with Mr. Riving! He works there, but he drops us to school first!
Adam I threw a penny once inside the fountain and made a wish. It actually came true! I wanted to throw another one but I didn't have any money.
Adam So I tried to reach for the penny inside the fountain. Then I fell inside and caught pneumonia.
Adam Pushing your luck can be very dangerous! But at least that girl in school kissed me!
Adam Hey Mister Player! Come to the forest often?
Adam Hey Miss Player! Come to the forest often?
Adam I don't care what mom says. One day I'll go inside the villa and I'll discover some treasure! And then I'll become rich and famous!
Adam I'm a bit bored here. Why do some adults talk about things we can't see? Let's learn about what we can see first!
Adam The waterfall view from here is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.


Adam I don't understand Mister. I will tell my mom and maybe she will explain it to me.
Adam I don't understand Miss. I will tell my mom and maybe she will explain it to me.
Adam My dad tried to explain to me that the mayor died. He started talking about him being somewhere far away...
Adam That's stupid! I know about death! I have killed ants! Does dad think I'm still a baby?
Adam Hi Mister Player. Did you hear about Denny? Everyone is talking about it.
Adam Hi Miss Player. Did you hear about Denny? Everyone is talking about it.
Adam This look cool. But for some reason I wouldn't want to carry it.
Adam I am so sad about what happened to Mrs. Alice! She was always good to me!
Adam Good morning! I wanted to give you this! It's a birthday present!
Adam I hope you like it! I haven't given many birthday presents, maybe only to my sister and mom and dad!
Adam See you later!


Adam The other day I was looking around some bushes and I found this pair of shorts! You give me presents all the time, so now I want you to have this!
Adam Some days ago, me and Lily were at the river bank. We wanted to plant a bean and see if it will reach the sky when it grows!
Adam The soil was soft there and easy to dig with my hands. But as I was digging, I found a small case and inside it there was a piece of leather!
Adam On it, there were some strange drawings and an X! It's a treasure map, I know it! Mister Player, how about we become partners?
Adam On it, there were some strange drawings and an X! It's a treasure map, I know it! Miss Player, how about we become partners?
Adam You are always kind to me, and I know you will figure out where the treasure is in no time!
Adam Mister Player, I have been reading a book about mushrooms. Do you know how the mushrooms in your cave grow?
Adam Miss Player, I have been reading a book about mushrooms. Do you know how the mushrooms in your cave grow?
Adam I know because I read about it! Now listen! It's four simple rules! Remember that a spot where a mushroom can grow, has eight neighboring spots! Now...
Adam If a mushroom has fewer than two neighbors, it dies. If a mushroom has two or three neighbors, it's kept alive!
Adam If a mushroom has more than three neighbors, it dies! And if an empty spot has exactly three mushroom neighbors, a new mushroom is born on it!
Adam Did you get all this?
Adam Well then! Happy mushroom growing!
Adam Pay attention now! really!





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