Hermaeus Faradouchi is a character in Gleaner Heights.

Hermaeus was a resident of Gleaner Heights some decades before the Main Character moved in. He is one of the key figures in the events that shaped the fate of Gleaner Heights.


Hermaeus has black, parted hair and a small moustache. He is wearing a black suit. His complexion appears quite pale.


Hermaeus was ambitious and single-minded. Trying to uphold his family's legacy, he set his mind in continuing the research of his ancestors. His goal was to contact the otherworldly being that resides underneath Gleaner Heights, unlock impossible knowledge and possibly transcend human consciousness. In his pride, however, Hermaeus failed to see the dangers that such ventures entail.

History Edit

Hermaeus Faradouchi was the descendant of a wealthy family. Apparently his ancestors had formed (or participated in) a cult devoted to the study of the occult and obscure arcana. A particular ancestor of Hermaeus, Anselmo Faradouchi, was the Governor of the first settlement in Gleaner Heights. The settlement was built on top of the ruins belonging to a civilization who worshipped ancient, alien beings, and possibly the subject of their worship was the reason of their downfall and eventual extinction.

It is not known if the Faradouchis were meddling with the supernatural before that, or Anselmo was the first one to come into contact with it. In any case, such contact proved to be too destructive for the human mind, and the Faradouchi family descended into madness. In a desperate attempt to save whatever was left, Anselmo tried to cut off any contact with the Dreamer by hiding the Mysterious Stone, an artifact which facilitates communication with such entities (and probably originates from their own plane of existence), in Egypt.

Many years later, however, Hermaeus discovered the location of the Stone and obtained it. Hermaeus was married to a woman called Francesca, and they were expecting a child. However, by using the Stone and making contact with the otherworldly entity, in the dark lake below the town's summit, Hermaeus too began descending into madness. Being impossible to comprehend the will of the Dreamer, and posessed by the raging spirits that flow from the dark lake, he ended up going completely insane, murdering his own wife while in their house. He didn't harm, however, their newborn baby. In a moment of clarity, possibly due to the emotional stress of struggling not to kill the baby, or due to him having just killed his own wife, or both, he decided to contain his madness, and by extent the influence of the Dreamer to other innocents, by collapsing the entrance to the dark lake and then immurring himself in the villa cellar. All he took with him was a painting depicting his wife.

By sacrificing himself, Hermaeus managed to contain the influence of the Dreamer for a time, until Tobias' and Denny's exploits inadvertently restored the entity's connection with the rest of the world.

In the present, the ghost of Hermaeus visits the player on the third night of the game.

Events Edit

Visitor in the Night Cutscene - Gleaner Heights

Visitor in the Night Cutscene - Gleaner Heights

Late at night someone knocks on the player's door. He comes in and looks around, asking for water.

Late Visitor
Hermaeus Hello.
Hermaeus ...
Hermaeus ...Is it late?...I am so sorry...I'm afraid it is late, yes...
Hermaeus I sometimes tend to lose myself.
Hermaeus This is your place. I see. Simplicity often is accompanied by serenity. I am aware of this now.
Hermaeus Can you please bring me some water? Please. I feel so very thirsty.
Hermaeus Ahh...yes...water...
Hermaeus You are very kind. I sometimes tend to lose myself. And now it is very dark.
Hermaeus You have recently arrived here. Sometimes we abandon our former selves and start anew, only to be faced with greater deceptions.
Hermaeus ...
Hermaeus I shouldn't speak any more. It is so very late. Thank you so much for your kindness.
Hermaeus My name? I think I am...
Hermaeus ...
Hermaeus I...I sometimes tend to lose myself. Goodnight.


Mentioning Edit

Doctor 2nd Reward
Doctor That villa...I was young when people lived there. Hermaeus was a strange man. His family's heritage weighed heavy on him.
Doctor Maybe he wanted to get rid of it. But in the end it was too late. His wife...oh, Francesca. I was in love with her. I won't deny it.
Doctor Supposedly Hermaeus found something, deep inside the mountain, something his ancestors were looking for centuries. And it drove him mad.
Doctor When we found Francesca's body inside the villa...Hermaeus was gone. And the baby was there, alive and unharmed.
Doctor Every time I close my eyes, I see her. Lying on the bed... Whatever Hermaeus found, it consumed him. But not before destroying his entire family.

Mayor's 1st Reward
Mayor That villa near my used to be the Faradouchi Estate. Hermaeus Faradouchi, his wife Francesca and their servants lived there.
Mayor They weren't from these parts. Hermaeus was some sort of scholar. He came to live here because it had something to do with his investigations.
Mayor His ancestors were part of a secret brotherhood of sorts.

Emily (Villa)
Emily A family called the Faradouchis used to live in the villa. That was way before I was born.
Emily The Doc was young when they lived here, but you won't be getting anything out of him that easily.

Theater Man 1st Reward
TheaterMan A long time ago, an ancient civilization thrived in this very place. They worshipped creatures from aeons past, beings impossible to comprehend. They made sacrifices to them.
TheaterMan Eventually, this civilization vanished. Maybe they all went insane. One can only wonder what has been left of them.
TheaterMan Then the colonists came. And they built their settlement right on top of those extinct.
TheaterMan Their first governor was a man hailing from a distant land. His name was Anselmo. Anselmo Faradouchi. But that was such a long time ago...

Theater Man 2nd Reward
TheaterMan The Faradouchis discovered something in this land. A gateway to a world beyond this one. They touched the minds of those who dwelt in it. And this was the beginning of their end.
TheaterMan For the human mind is weak, and obsession over transcendence is a road crossed by insanity. What promises were given? Of what truths to be unveiled?
TheaterMan Soon, misery and madness reigned over the Faradouchi family, and those with a whole thought still left in their minds fled the town, never to return again.
TheaterMan But wounds such as these are most effectively healed by vanity...and the family soon forgot what drove them away, instead prefering to uphold the lost promises of power.
TheaterMan And, not long ago, one of them returned to this very place, bound by his ancestors to unearth greatness.

TatteredJournal This journal appears to have belonged to Hermaeus Faradouchi.

Read a passage.
TatteredJournal '"As Sirius rushes to meet the eyes of the Sphinx, the crew makes haste to leave the ruins and head back to Luxor. Their mundane superstitions...
TatteredJournal ...only serve to further spur my expectations, although our eagerness to depart is mutual. I miss Francesca dearly, and it is a long journey back home.
TatteredJournal The stone is precisely as detailed in the texts, a perfect match, even its more occult properties, to the portrayal of whose I always attributed a certain poetic flair.
TatteredJournal The Mad Governor nearly succeeded in eliminating all traces of it, but he merely postponed the inevitable...
TatteredJournal ...for it seems the stone has always been fated to return to our hands. I already sense it reaching for me, promising impossible knowledge...
TatteredJournal ...its turquoise aura pulsating madly when in my grasp. I will not fail you. Great things are afoot."'

Read another passage.
TatteredJournal "'Now I know why Anselmo did as he did. Now I see what the frantic wall scrawlings of the tomb raiders meant. And only now, having lost everything...
TatteredJournal ...even my sanity, do I realize what she truly meant to me. I am a broken madman. I must contain it. I must suffer, and it will suffer with me.
TatteredJournal What have I done? Francesca, please forgive me. I love you so much. I must contain it. There is only one thing left for me to do. In pace requiescat!'"


  • Hermaeus' first name is possibly a reference to Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of knowledge in the videogame The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In that game, Hermaeus Mora's form bears a strong resemblance to a Lovecraftian entity.
  • Hermaeus was also the name of an ancient Indo-Greek King.
  • Mr. Faradouchi is the name of a Mafia Don in the videogame Shadowrun for the Sega Genesis. He can be added as a contact and offers services to the player but he is never seen in the game.
  • The last sentence in Hermaeus' journal is "In pace requiescat". It is Latin for "May he/she rest in peace". This is also the last sentence in Edgar Allan Poe's short story The cask of Amontillado, in which a person is buried alive within the walls of their own cellar.
  • If the player breaks the top wall of the villa's cellar with the hammer, they will enter Hermaeus' final place, where his dessicated remains, a few bricks and masonry tools and a painting of Francesca are. Acid drips from the portrait's eyes and has dug a hole in the floor, disappearing below.
  • Geographically, the acid pool that the player discovers in the game is directly below the room with that portrait. The acidic "tears" of Francesca are the reason players can gain access to the Villa in the first place.
  • If the player discovers Hermaeus' resting place, a possible main Menu background is unlocked. In it, Hermaeus is shown inside that place, possibly still alive. His wife's painting looks normal.
  • When visiting the player, Hermaeus' ghost asks for a glass of water, stating he is very thirsty, which makes sense in a morbid way, considering he probably died of dehydration during his self-entombment.
  • It is implied that the Theater Man may be the surviving child of Hermaeus and Francesca, due to his extensive knowledge of the family's history and his unnatural knowledge of past events, locations, and the townsfolk lives and secrets, as well as his seemingly magical abilities when performing on stage. These weird characteristics may be a byproduct of coming in contact with the Otherworldly as an infant, possibly through a posessed Hermaeus, however the Theater Man has a generally neutral disposition towards the player, no matter their choices.
  • Along with the Main Character (if the player reaches the dark lake with enough sins and chooses accordingly) and his ancestor Anselmo, Hermaeus is the only other person able to resist the Dreamer's influence, even temporarily.



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